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Hidden field for Web Forms
It is possible to change a field type from a webform to be a hidden field. This may be used if you are creating a mailing list, audience, or view based on a webform. These steps should be proformed after the Webform has been created.

To Change a field to a hidden field Follow these Instructions.

1. Open NotePad or (Text Edit, if on a Mac), and copy/ then paste your webform HTML here.
2. Locate the field that you would like to make hidden. For Example If I Wanted to Make the Zip Code Field hidden, I would locate the Zip Code field in the HTML. Notice the Label that says "Zip Code."

<td class=normalSmall align=right nowrap>Zip Code: &nbsp;</td>
<td class=normalSmall align=left nowrap><input type=text name=ebff_3715 class=textInput size=24 value=""></td>

3. In this example there was a custom field created with the field number 3715. This number is assigned at the webform and not at the custom field level.

So, within our Text we will change the Value of the Input Type From: <input type=text name=ebff_3715 class=textInput size=24 value="">


<input type=Hidden Field=ebff_3715 class=textInput size=24 value="">

Also you may want to change the Value of a field to be more permanent. do this by changing the value=""> field to equal your value. If we were working with the Zip Code field we may want our value to look something like value="84101"> to always reflect the location of the person who is filling out the webform.

The End result will look like this

<td class=normalSmall align=right nowrap>Zip Code: &nbsp;</td>
<td class=normalSmall align=left nowrap><input type=Hidden Field=ebff_3715 class=textInput size=24 value="84101"></td>

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