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Duplicate Contacts / Organizations - Identify and Merge
In most cases the system will alert you if a duplicate is going to be created, but occasionally some duplicates may come from syncs or imports.

The following guide has been written for Contacts, but you can follow the same steps for Organizations and other data types in Plan Plus Online.

These duplicates can be found and merged through one of two options:
1. Mouse over the Contacts tab.
2. Click on Advanced Search in the drop down menu.
3. Near the top of this page, click on "Find Duplicates" under the Special Searches tab.
4. Allow time for the system to search your database.
5. Check the desired contacts you wish to merge.
6. Merge.

Alternatively, you can do the following:
1. Go to Advanced Search, from step 2 of the above instructions.
2. Either provide some search criteria to limit your results, or leave all fields blank to bring up a full list of all contacts.
3. Click Search.
4. Select your set of contacts you would like searched and merged.
NOTE: Use the top check box to select all contacts at once.
Left clicking will result in a black check and will select the current page.
Right clicking will result in grey check marks, and will select all pages.
5. Click on Update Value.
6. Select Merge Duplicate Records and submit.

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