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Importing Data

The process will be slightly different depending on the type of data (Contacts, Orgs, etc.)


Click here to download a .PDF explanation

Checklist for Spreadsheet

1 -Must be a .csv file

2-Can not contain more than 5000 entries

3-First and last columns must have data in them or you may see a message that says "Lines were thrown away" during the import process.

4-Should contain a column with Team Members name.

5-See the .PDF above - you may need to pad the CSV file if extreanous characters are in the file

Checklist for Import

1-Import, select file (Account>>Import>>Contacts or Organizaiton or ...etc)

2-Set the Import Session to be (using the default is OK) Ex: 03/31/06 Public Programs March 15

3-Map Fields or Use a Saved Mapping (see the video) data spreadsheet excel


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