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Viewing other calendars
To Share your Calendar with Other users

Click Preferences, locate Access Sharing: and click Setup Access Sharing
Select the users from the dropdown List button and click Add To Access List
Administrator/ Set up Group Calendar Sharing
My Account -> User Administration
Use the User Group Management feature to create a User Group and manage their Access Sharing as a group.
Click New Group
Name the group and select the users that are part of this group.
Note: you may find it useful to create a group labeled All Users.
Upon Clicking the Submit link you will click the button for Group Access Sharing.
This page will allow you to set up the access sharing between the individuals of the group. To enable the access sharing, click the box to place a check in the box.

View Other Users Calendar (Once sharing is set up)
From the Home Page, click the Max button in the upper right corner of the Calendar.
Click the link Display Appointments for: User Name (upper right corner)

You can select user names that are shared for one time view,
or click the Multiple Views link to set up Various Views that will be displayed as dropdown menu choices from the Maximized Calendar Page.

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