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Add additional Licenses and Users
First, you must be an "Admin" for your account. In single user accounts, you are Admin by default. If you are part of a larger company or group, contact your Account Admin or Account Manager at Plan Plus Online for further assistance.


Add Licenses to your account

Click on the Account tab -> Account Profile / Manage Account (First option, middle column) ->Licenses & Users
Select the number of Licenses you would like to add and click Update My Subscription.

NOTE: If there is red text and no buttons available on the bottom of this page then you will need to contact our Sales team for further assistance. If you are unable to reach them, you can further submit a ticket in the support portal.


Create New User & Assign License

Click on the Account tab -> Account Profile / Manage Account (First option, middle column) -> Licenses & Users -> 2 User Management (Grey text tab).

Click the Create New button to enter the New User information. Please note that the User Name is the name that will be used for login purposes.

You will be asked to select a Role for the user that you are setting up. This is where you allocate the License to the User. The Role that you select for the user will give them specific permissions to view records in the database based on the privileges associated with that Role.

Be sure that the users Default Login Application is set to the same type as the assigned License.

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