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How to import Outlook contacts in PlanPlus Online
Download the .PDF at:

Step 1: In Microsoft Outlook Click File->Import / Export
Step 2: Choose Export to a file ->Next
Step 3: Create a file of type
Choose Comma Separated Values (Windows)
Step 4: Select folder to Export From
Step 5: Save the File to Access it again inside PlanPlus Online
Step 6: Log into PlanPlus Online and select My Account
Step 7: Select Import / Export from the Sub Menu:
Step 8: Select which version of Outlook you use. Most users will select Outlook 2000 or 2003.
Step 9: Choose the file you saved from Outlook. Then either Rename or Record the Import Session ID listed. Click Submit.
Step 10: Verify data is Mapped Correctly
Step 11: The Contacts will load and process a final report before Entering in your system.
Step 12: Lines will be called and an Import History will be processed. Click on your contacts and the information should be loaded.

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