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Contact Custom Fields & Page Layouts
One of the great new features in PlanPlusOnline is the ability to have custom fields. Adding custom fields in the Contact tab for example; allows you the ability to quickly sort your customers on any given custom field. The software can also be customized in various ways to help you track unique information and processes for your particular line of work.

To Create Contact Custom Fields:

1. Click the "My Account" tab
2. From the bottom right corner, click "Custom Fields"
3. Choose Contacts from the record type menu
4. Scroll to the bottomof the Custom fields list until there is an open field line
5. Enter the name for the field, Type a Descrption
6. Choose the field type
7. Click "Submit."

Edit the Page Layout
1. Click "Account" from the Main Tab's
2. On the Middle Left of the screen click "Organization/ Contacts"
3. Select, "Setup Page Layout"
4. Choose "Contact Detail Page: Main Section" to Edit the Available fields in Main Section of Contacts
5. Or, Choose "Contact Detail Page: Fields 1 Subtab" to edit the avalable field in the Fields 1 tab of Contacts.

Adding Custom Fields from the Page Layout Editor
PlanPlus Online Looks best in a 2 column Mode. In 2 Column mode there will be a horizontal scroll at the bottom of the web browser.
Also, change the "Setup for" Value from myself to Company Wide Setup for better results.

1. Select where you would like the field to display on the screen
2. Using the "Field" dropdown, select the custom or indexed field you would like to add. (The Dropdown Sorts by Newest added fields.)
3. Label the field. The Label is the Name as it will display on the Page layout.
4. Type a Hex Key or name of a color to make the label stand out.

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