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Import/ Import from Outlook/ Import troubleshooting

Two step Import from Outlook 2003. Export from Outlook as .csv and import to

Download a Detailed .PDF document here

 Here is a video on doing it Manually -

To Import Contacts in to PlanPlusOnline from Outlook 2003 using the .csv file format Open Outlook and Export the .csv file

1. Select File>>Import and Export

2. Select Export to a File

3. Select Comma Separated Values (Windows), Click Next If asked to install the translator, select Yes

4. Select your Contacts folder, then click Next.

5. Use the Browse button to identify a location on your computer to place the exported file. Follow the remaining prompts until the file has been exported.

To Import to PlanPlusOnline Importing a .CSV file to you PlanPlusOnline Account Once you have Created the file you will log in to your PlanPlusOnline account

1. Select the My Account tab, Then click Import/Export from the sub menu.

2. Select the import type; For most imports from Outlook you will select the Organizations-Contacts-Sales Team option . or the Contacts link.

3. Brows to locate the file you just created from your Outlook export Select the match/ merge options that match your desire to create duplicate records or not.

4. Select the Outlook 2003 mapping profile. If you do not see the mapping profile or if you would prefer to mapp the fileds manually you can do so by selecting the field in the dropdown menu that best matches the field name on the top of your spreadsheet. Note: For Contacts, a First Name & Last Name, must be imported as separate fields.

Note: for Organizations; the records can be imported with 1 field as an organization name. The organziation table does not allow for duplicate Organziation names in the database. Common Importing Errors & Tips Lines thrown away: Make sure that the left and right columns of your spreadsheet have data in them. Even if the data is not mapped. It will make your spreadsheets load in properly. Save files as .csv with Colum headers ======


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