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SIP Address
What is My SIP Address?
By Nate Rand

SIP, or Session Internet Protocol, is a language allowing phone communication sessions to begin over the Internet. It is extremely popular as a protocol for initiating text, phone and other communications, including video calls. SIP is increasingly used for a variety of different purposes on different devices.

1. What is SIP?
SIP helps to connect VoIP calls. Voice over IP (VoIP) allows you to make phone calls over the Internet instead of the public telephone network. Traditional phone services use copper wiring to transport telephone signals, but VoIP packages data for the Internet. To use SIP, you will need a SIP client that allows you to connect with other SIP users.

2. How Do SIP Addresses Work?
SIP-URI (Universal Resource Identifier) addresses look exactly like email addresses, but they are technically different from emails. You may have identical email and SIP addresses, but it is important not to confuse the two of them.

SIP-URI Format-The format is sip:x@y:port, with x=Username and y=host (domain or IP).
Port-Without specifying a port, the default SIP port is used when calls and messages are sent. If you changed the port, then you need to include that in your address. For instance, could be a SIP-URI address with a default port setting. If the port is different, then it will be something like The port address, "6000," is at the end of the address so calls can be made.
Your SIP client is able to connect calls to this address. In order to receive calls from traditional phones, you will have a phone number that plain old telephone service (POTS) users can call. SIP clients connect calls from POTS phones to SIP addresses directly and automatically so that calls can be connected.

3. What is My SIP Address?
Depending on what address is registered with your SIP client, your SIP address will be different. Your SIP address follows you across different devices. So when you are away from your primary phone, your SIP address can follow you. This enables the Find Me/Follow Me feature popular with many VoIP services. You can answer and make phone calls on other phones when you are away from the office. All you have to do is use your SIP address and your VoIP client. You can carry your phone number with you and avoid missing phone calls.

As such, your SIP address is relatively portable and is not tied down to a particular phone, unlike POTS phones. This is because POTS phone numbers follow a particular phone line in a particular location or a particular phone connection and cannot be associated strictly to a particular individual.


In PlanPlusOnline use the following to setup SIP Address

the SIP username needs to be added as the PP Users phone number

The SIP Domain needs to be added to the SIP field found here

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