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Account Cancellation (updated 8/10/2017)
Account Cancellation and Refunds SOP (updated 8/10/2017)

Situation- A case comes in where the user wants to cancel their account.

1- Check the customer level. For Professional down to Essentials please follow the steps below. For Professional 2A to SMB jump down to step 3

2- For Essentials verify what server their account was hosted on. Reply sympathetically to the user and leave the door open for future contact. Please add the link below for the appropriate server as kind of an exit interview to find out why the left and what we could have done better.

2A- If the customer is above the Essentials level but below SMB and Professional 2A Please follow the additional steps.

Before replying to the user check the accounts A/R if the value is less than $1000 please follow the steps in item 2 above.

If the AR amount is more than $1000 do a task to the original sales person to call and try to save the customer. If the original sales person is no longer with the company assign the task to Spencer.

3- For SMB, Professional 2A and higher please open a task to the original sales rep to call the customer, if they are no longer with the company assign the task to Spencer.


If a refund is requested by a customer as part of a cancellation request or for general customer service please do the following.

1. Check the customer A/R if the value or refund request is less than $1000. If over $1000 see step 5. If $1000 or less proceed to step 2

2. Note the amount of the refund in the purple box in the support case. Determine if the refund is due the customer and why.

3. Include all details in the comments area why the customer is entitled to the refund.

4. Communicate sympathetically with the customer and advise them that a credit in the amount of XX will be processed for their account.

Then assign the case to Heather as billing/billing in progress and save.

Heather will issue the refund.

5. If the refund request is over $1000, sympathetically communicate to the customer that their request is being reviewed.

6. Assign the case to Heather with detailed notes about the refund request. Set the case as billing/billing in progress and Slack message Heather to give her a heads up on the case.

She will review and take appropriate actions.

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