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Cancelling Accounts and Billing
1.) Some accounts have the ability to cancel within their own account by going to the Account Tab>License Billing>Cancel Subscription. If this is not available to them, we can cancel their account for them upon request.

2.) To cancel an account you will look up their Account Name under Organization.

3.) Scroll down to the purple section and click on the drop down for -
(New AWS Links for 05 & 06 Servers Act # starts w/ 500, 600, 700)

4.) Click on (NewManageAcctsLink) to bring up the backend AR (Cancellation Start Page)
***Sometimes the link will not be accessible. To fix this you can click on the "Update" button and then this will make them live hyperlinks again.

***Also note: If there is not a URL in the "Server Location" you will not have access to the hyperlinks even if you click update and will have to look the account up using the back end URL.

***If you enter the Server Location URL it should make those hyperlinks available.

Click Update and then the links should appear. If that doesn't work then you can use the second option by going to the backend URL.

5.) You will then be on the Cancellation Start Page. On this page you will click on Cancel Subscription / Cancel Bills / Delete Account.

6.) Click on the top four links to cancel the account and billing completely
-Remove License Count, change to 0
-Cancel All Scheduled and Submitted Billings.
-Set Account Status = 'DELETE'
-Set Organization / Contact Info

7.) You can now double check that the billing has been cancelled by going back to the cancellation start page and clicking on- Link to AR: 611974 - 12-10 Test
If you get a page that says (Sorry your current role does not have access to this page. Please contact your company administrator if you need access to this page.)

You will click on the App Module drop down and change to Premium Edition.
Right click, (back) two times to get back to the Cancellation Start Page. Click on the Account Name again which will bring you to the billing page.

8.) You can see the billing that has been paid. If you don't see any billing that says "Scheduled" off to the right side then there is no future billing set up.

9.) You can also see what billing you have cancelled by clicking on the Cancelled Tab.

10.) Lastly, fill out the form on the Organization Page that says Required for Cancellation
Give the Date of Cancellation and the reason why they cancelled. You may also check the box
[ ] Opt Out of any future emails going to the customer.

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