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Sync with Mobile device -Sync w/ Phone- Sync w/ Google Calendar
The following is a "work around" for syncing your PlanPlus Online calendar to Google AND/OR to your mobile phone.

-a PC with Outllook Installed
-PlanPlus Online Sync to Outlook utility.
-Gmail OR Google App Calendar account
-Google Sync to Microsoft Outlook Installed on your PC.
-Google Mobile for your phone

1. Install & Configure PlanPlus Online Sync utility to sync between your PlanPlus Online and your PC's Microsoft Outlook.

2. Install and Configure Gmail/Google Apps Calendar Sync to Microsoft Outlook on your PC.
(if you don't have a gmail account you will need to create one first)

3. Configure your mobile device to sync with your Gmail account. See this link for details of supported phones and features.

In my experience, the Android is the best phone to make this sync work well.

If using Android and setting up the calendars, be sure you are creating appointments on the correct calendar from your phone since there can be more than one calendar.

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