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Web Forms affected by Server Move / Server Migration / Cloud Migration
If your account was moved to a different server your web forms may be affected.

Go to your webform (Tool menu), select the HTML tab.
In the bottom center box with the label " For client side form, copy & paste the following HTML into your web page...." You will need to RE-COPY / Paste this code in to your website or in to the box labeled "HTML Code for the form:"

This will update your form to work with the new server.

Alternate Method;

If you are familiar with HTML you may go directly to the form where you have it hosted and update the "POST" url to point to the URL of your new server.
Example: Your previous form may have a Post URL like this:
<form name=ebfb_na action="

If your new server is the server, your URL would be:
<form name=ebfb_na action="

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